Fall Show and Tell

…at Cottonseed Glory

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So far this fall we’ve had many customers stop in at Cottonseed Glory to show us their beautiful work!
You can imagine what fun this is for us.
We have pictures of a few of the quilts that people have shown.
Ramona drew the spider web for her quilting design and quilted it on her Handi Quilter.
Notice the little spider she embroidered!
Morgan Wilson made a quilt for a friend at church.  A prize-winning quilter, Morgan applied her talents to this T-shirt quilt with fabulous results:
Melissa Sopko used her die-cut machine to cut all the pieces for her wonderful quilt.  The pattern and colors seem perfect for each other.
We love to see our customer’s creativity. Don’t you love the beautiful blocks  as shown at the beginning of this blog article. They are all made from one fabric.
We also have something really unique– a sampler quilt pattern based on a novel that is set a store patterned after Cottonseed Glory!  We’re planning some great winter activities based on this exciting quilt!
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