Book Lover’s Block of the Month January, Solomon’s Puzzle

This month we learned how to construct the Solomon’s Puzzle block.  Some quilters found that they should cut the strips for the pie shaped piece at 2 5/8″.

Pinning first with the pie shape on top…

and then sewing it with the wedge or “crust” or arch shape on the top…

We also learned how to use the new yo-yo makers, how to use a sewing machine’s ruffle foot.  I made these pajamas

and this apron

using both techniques for embellishments.

To download the free pattern for the apron, click here:

Here are other fun ways to use yo-yos:

a pillow with yo-yos
click on the picture and it will lead you to the site where you can download the little leaf graphic shown in class
This chick would win anyone’s heart:
a chickie made from yo yos yellow fabric
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One Response to Book Lover’s Block of the Month January, Solomon’s Puzzle

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Quilting and books? Your quilts and your book? Oh Loris, how I wished I lived in Annapolis right now. This looks like a wonderful endeavor, and I’ll have to follow along on your blog! Thanks for sharing it for people like me!

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