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Post a comment below on this page, (it can be brief or long), about your favorite part of Solomon’s Puzzle, and  be entered in a give-away to win a signed copy of Christmas in Thirty Minutes. March 30, 2014.

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Click here to learn more about Christmas in Thirty Minutes.

Book Clubs
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Eight Hands Around

“Eight Hands Around is a quilt pattern symbolic of the old quilting bees. Four women would work on a quilt. One on each side. Two hands each. But in the store name, I mean it to suggest a cooperative effort. People working together. It’s my hope.”

—Loris Nebbia, Solomon’s Puzzle

Eight Hands Around seeks to encourage homemaking artists in the Annapolis community by way of offering workshops and creativity guild meetings. For more information visit  or

104 Responses to Community

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for sending, and writing ‘Christmas in 30 Minutes’.
    It’s beautiful!
    I loved the sweetness of the story combined with your
    delightful lighthearted touch. I love the snooty neighbor and the
    introspective little sister. Thank you for putting into words the
    humbling chaos of the beauty of Christmas! I thought your work of
    Merre rushing about trying to take care of things with the impending
    birth of her child taking center stage–coupled with Laurie’s sewing
    by candlelight while trapped away from her children–was the perfect
    analogy for how we celebrate the coming Christchild against how he
    actually comes. We are rushing about, trying to “prepare him room” and
    sometimes, trying to muster joy, and he arrives to make it all right
    and good and bright and beautiful, before we can. Because we never
    will! The sink will always break or we’ll forget that gift for someone
    special, or our child will feel like there are elephants sitting on
    her chest right when we are desperate to nurture joy. Thank you for
    writing this! I highly recommend reading it.

  2. Iris says:

    Loris, I loved the book! I purchased it at the Chantilly quilt show
    and I just loved reading it. I have passed it on to a non-quilter to
    read. Cannot wait until your next novel! Great job! I felt like I knew
    each of the characters.


  3. Barbara says:

    Loris, Just want you to know how much I love this book–only on page
    182. I love the Chesapeake wish I lived near you. (I’m in No Va) Your
    style of writing reminds me of Pat Conroy & because I love Hilton Head
    & the Low Country Soloman’s Puzzle is No I for me.

  4. J.A. says:

    The main word to express what I feel about Solomon’s Puzzle was WOW…If I could take
    something with me to heaven (even though I know I can’t) when I pass
    on, I would like to bring this book.

  5. Leni says:

    I was at the quilt show on Friday and bought your novel plus the quilt
    pattern. The package you put together was so thoughtfully assembled,
    even down to the small fabric bow which appears to be a fabric in your
    quilt. I have made up my shopping list of fabrics and will be
    acquiring them over time. Today I bought my first fabric, a batik that
    is light blue and green with some tans in it, like looking through
    almost transparent water. I know I will be totally immersed in
    Solomon’s Puzzle, as I intend to make the blocks at the proper time in
    the book and even bake the recipe. I am particularly interested in the
    symbolism incorporated into the quit blocks. So… just a
    note to say thank you for being at the show and giving me a chance to
    meet and speak with you and I look forward to becoming a part of your

  6. Linda DuBois says:

    I enjoyed reading Solomon’s Puzzle and enjoyed even more hearing how
    the characters and story came to be in your mind.

  7. Susi Benson says:

    This amazing book draws the reader in; it kept me enthralled, engaged
    and enchanted from the first page to the last. I became emotionally
    involved with our main character and identified with him. His pain
    became mine, his challenges excited me, his conforts made me smile,
    his success made me cry. This is exactly the kind of book I love to
    read. Thank you Loris, for this great read and I can’t wait for the
    next one.

  8. Loris Nebbia says:

    Noelle Ulman wins the blog give away! Congratulations, Noelle!

  9. Denise S says:

    My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story. I think that it captures the childlike wonder of Christmas and every time I watch it, I am taken back to my own childhood. I always save it for last in my Christmas movie line-up.

  10. Susan says:

    My favorite Christmas memories were of my daughters Morgan and Ashlea being a part of our church’s Christmas Pageant. Morgan, dressed as an angel, singing in the Cherub Choir like there was no tomorrow and Ashlea as Mary in the Nativity holding a friend’s newborn baby, she was so gentle and kind to that little one, precursor to her becoming a teacher I guess. It was a beautiful Christmas Pageant and helped me appreciate even more the reason for the season.

  11. Heather says:

    My favorite Christmas story is actually Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. No matter how old I get, I still love it! Runner up is Nightmare Before Christmas. Not quite as Christmas-y but visually stunning.

    I’d love to win a signed copy of the book my (amazingly talented) former English teacher wrote!


  12. Lyn Wagner says:

    Loved Solomon’s Puzzle; I read it about 18 months ago. Also love Wendy Mays’ sampler quilt based on the book.

    Of course I love It’s A Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street but my favorite Christmas story is our Christmas eve celebration every year. Our family goes to church and then they come back to Grammy’s and Poppy’s home for dinner and gift exchange. I love the excitement and mystery of Christmas Eve.

  13. kp says:

    My favorite Christmas story is “Amanda’s Christmas Tree.” I’m not sure who wrote it, but it was in one of those Ideals magazine collections. My father used to read it every Christmas.

  14. Noelle Ulman says:

    My dad grew up in Cleveland and has such sweet loyalty to that city and the old town feel it has. The move “A Christmas Story” was filmed in Cleveland and is full of memorable stores and places that have such meaning for my dad. Because of this, watching and reciting the lines from that movie has become such a tradition in our family. We “must” have it on for the 24hours of Christmas Day and we “must” watch it on December 1st to kick off the holiday season.
    What I love most about this tradition is not that the movie speaks truth about the birth of precious baby Jesus, or helps to remind us of the season’s true meaning, but that every time we watch it I get to experience a piece of my Dad’s childhood. We (my siblings and I) love to watch Dad’s face light up as he points out historic places and tells story after story of the things he did at those places. Christmas would not be the same without the contagious joy that comes from this silly tradition.

  15. Kathleen Russo says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I was chosen to sing “The Birthday of King” in church. I was dressed in an angel costume, the only person up in the choir loft, singing my little heart out. I was about 7 years old, and I’ve been singing ever since.

  16. Loved Solomon’s Puzzle…still waiting for a sequel.

    You asked for favorite Christmas Stories. Mine is It Came Upon a Midnight Clear with Mickey Rooney. Always look forward to that one!

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  18. Julie says:

    I’ve been waiting to hear how the Christmas events and Joe’s story play out since Loris first posted a Christmas short story introducing the plot lines several years ago!

  19. Laurie says:

    I had to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you at Cottonseed Glory last week! I haven’t enjoyed a book like this in a very long time. I could not put the book down until I had finished it, and now I must get started on making the quilt. I will look forward to stopping in the store and hopefully visiting with you next time we are in town.

  20. Susan McDonald says:

    My book club is going to read this book in December. I can’t wait for them to enjoy it as much as I did! Thanks, Loris, for a great story…

  21. Lynda Forti says:

    Loved this book!! Can’t wait to share!!

  22. C.K. says:

    I bought your book two Annapolis quilt shows ago and I hadn’t read it yet. There must have been a reason I waited. I took it in vacation with me last week and couldn’t put it down.
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Waiting for the next book now,

  23. Sue C. says:

    Hi Loris, I was so spoiled by your book, I can’t get into any other book. –Sue

  24. S. Benson says:

    This amazing book draws the reader in; it kept me enthralled, engaged
    and enchanted from the first page to the last. I became emotionally
    involved with our main character and identified with him. His pain
    became mine, his challenges excited me, his comforts made me smile,
    his success made me cry. This is exactly the kind of book I love to
    read. Thank you Loris, for this great read and I can’t wait for the
    next one.

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