A Book To Read Again And Again    By Jami Bailey

I have now read Solomon’s Puzzle twice, and as I squinted through
tears to finish the last few pages, I was very tempted to start all
over again on page one. I have never experienced a book quite like
Solomon’s Puzzle. It was more than reading; this novel gripped my
soul. I ached for these characters, and when I wasn’t reading, I
actually missed them.

I was able to connect to Solomon’s Puzzle in many personal ways: I
grew up near Annapolis; I attended a school much like CCS; I married a
Marine; I have played and coached basketball; like Laurie MacBride, I
believe that good food and a warm drink can in itself be a language of
love. And though all of these connections made Solomon’s Puzzle fun to
read, it was Nebbia’s poignant portrayal of truth and family and hope
that truly captivated me. Even the second time through, I could not
put it down. Nebbia’s writing style is incredibly compelling. From her
beautifully poetic imagery, to her vividly realistic characters, you
are sure to be both charmed and challenged by Solomon’s Puzzle, and by
the time you finish reading, I can almost guarantee you will feel as
though you have known and loved these characters for years.

Jami Bailey devotes herself to caring for her husband and her imaginative children. She finds time to help her extended family and friends, to read and to cook, to edit and to write.

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