Life Well-Lived
By JADA TWEDT STRABBING | September 28, 2010

Solomon’s Puzzle taught me about life. It faces honestly and squarely the brokenness in the world, while revealing God’s tender heart toward those who are the victims of it. I was quickly drawn into Ben’s story. He, and the characters that surround him, are vivid and compelling. The mystery surrounding his past is engaging, and Loris Nebbia expertly weaves in moments of humor, romance, and deepening friendship as the mystery unfolds. Solomon’s Puzzle is an excellent read. But it is so much more. Through it, I came to a deeper understanding of the great gift that God entrusts to parents and the damage that results when that trust is violated. I saw more clearly the healing power of love and the transforming effects of mercy and forgiveness. I could envision in sharper detail the person that I want to be, the difference that I want to make in the world. The highest praise I can give Solomon’s Puzzle is that it reveals life well-lived and inspires me to pursue it.

Jada Twedt Strabbing is a philosophy professor at Fordham University.

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